Your vehicle ought to be prepared to deal with any unforeseen situation and guarantee your safety. Worry less and shield your vehicle from undesirable situations. Buy from range of exciting offers on service and parts for your Ford vehicle.

Your safety is our priority be it be the smallest of things starting from problem in driving visibility, failure of brakes, rust covering your silencer or the interrupted drive because of your old battery. All these give the same pain to the car like the other big things.

Harpreet Ford will deal with all of the above with its range of service packages explicitly designed to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Anti Rust Coating

Rusting in layman language is Corrosion and it is caused when it comes in contact with muddy water, stones, and other obstacles. But it’s not in plain sight, hence, we often do not see the damage.

Anti Rust Coating is the solution to issues related to corrosion and rust. It also minimizes sound from underneath the vehicle and insulates against the heat and cold. We come up with “3M Anti Rust & Internal Panel Protection Package” that gives your car the advanced & effective rust protection for a longer period of time.


  1. Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are essential to keep the windshield spotless and ensure a perfect driving experience. Faulty wiper blades can lead to invisibility while driving and can also leave scratches as well. Car wiper blades replacement should be your top-most priority as soon as you experience problem especially when it’s raining.

Wiper blade car


  1. New Battery

No one wants to be the reason for traffic. But it might just happen because of your old car battery. Your battery need to be changed when it shows signs like slow start, dimming lights, bad smell, etc. On an average a car battery should be changed every 3 years for better driving experience.

Car battery


  1. Brake Disc

Brakes are crucial for safety, not just yours, but also that of other road users around you. So, it makes sense to ensure they are well maintained.

Look out if your brake is making loud screeching sound or you experience vibration while you press brake.

These signs are an evidence that the brake disc needs replacement. If you still aren’t sure prefer checking them after every 15,000 kms.


  1. Brake Pads

Like brake disc, brake pads too demand proper attention. Compromising on this one can cause great harm. Routine check for the wearing off of brake pads is necessary. Breaks being the most crucial part of your car need brake pads to be changed after every 60,000km or more depending upon the vehicle.

Brake pads


Don’t skip this one!

These may sound like a bunch of services bundled on you but when you buy a car, it’s servicing is an essential part. Harpreet Ford knows it’s not easy to maintain a proper routine for these services. Hence, it comes up with exciting offers on Ford cars’ service so that this doesn’t burden you and also give your car an exquisite service.

Rush to your nearest Harpreet Ford service centers and avail these offers for a better service experience.

Visit our website or chat with our team for more information.

Hurry up !!

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