Make Your Pocket Happy With Harpreet Ford’s Happy Pocket Service Offer

Is it time to take your beloved vehicle for service? But hesitant to spend a lot at the same time! Your search ends here. Harpreet Ford presents a ‘Happy Pocket Service Offer’ for its customers. Taking care of your car is our duty and we focus on making your companionship strong with your car.  Harpreet Ford Service Centre is your answer for everything your car needs and that too under affordable Service Offers. Search ‘nearby Harpreet Ford Service Center’ and drive straight to the center and avail the following services at just INR 3200/- 


Engine Oil

Keeping a routine check on your car is essential for the health of your car’s engine. It is critical to adhere to the standard engine oil quantity in order to provide essential lubrication for vehicle operation. If there isn’t enough engine oil, the consequent lack of lubrication can cause considerable engine wear and tear, even if it’s only for a few hundred metres. Therefore, Harpreet Ford strongly advises car owners not to restart their vehicles if the engine oil warning light is illuminated and the source of the issue is unknown and get your vehicle inspected at an authorised showroom. Engine oil has a finite lifespan, long-term and high-temperature use will cause it to oxidise. Its quality will be harmed as a result of constant contamination by worn-out metal part debris. As a result, it is critical to change the oil on a regular basis. You can refer to the car manual’s recommended maintenance cycle and pay attention to the engine oil’s condition since it varies depending on the vehicle and road conditions. Only well-maintained engine oil can ensure that the engine runs smoothly and Only Harpreet Ford Service Center ensures you get the deal in a delightful offer.


Oil Filter Change

The oil filter may appear to be nothing more than a simple container, but it performs a critical function in ensuring that your car never leaves you stranded. Your car’s engine pushes oil through the filter as you drive, which cleanses the oil before it returns to the engine. As billions of pollutant particles and carbon dust get trapped in the oil filter with time, it progressively becomes blocked and a clogged oil filter limits the amount of clean oil passing through it, which indicates the time to get it replaced. Oil and filter changes on a regular basis assist keep engines running smoothly by removing debris and sludge, Increasing the efficiency of your vehicle. Increased fuel consumption can be caused by poor engine lubrication, so make sure there is enough clean oil in the engine.


Vehicle Inspection

We can not stress enough the importance of routine vehicle inspection for longevity and non-stop drives. The most crucial and obvious reason to evaluate your vehicle is for safety reasons. A vehicle issue discovered during an inspection could save you money in the long run. You could have a breakdown on the road, which will cost you time and money, or a crash, which is far worse. That is how keeping extra care goes a long way.


Get all of these done from our expert technicians and that too at a pocket-friendly price. Visit your nearest Harpreet Ford Service Center or call to know more about the offers and services for your car.


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