Ford Freestyle- The Ultimate Style Statement

Style is something which no one wants to get off without and when it comes with a car, it is something which one cannot deny to have. The all new Ford Freestyle will ensure you never lack on it. Ford cars are known for its extra ordinary looks, excellent performance and bold style statement. Free style is the car which comes loaded with all of these premium features and the road presence which no car can compete with.

The introduction of Freestyle had set the market to an upwards boost, which made everyone drool over the fantastic Cross-Over. The car comprises of many unsaid and first in class features which will leave your mind boggling.

Let’s discuss some of them in detail:-

1. Dynamic Appeal: The visual changes which are made to set the car apart from the others include the aggressive styled front and rear bumpers, roof rails and a decent amount of plastic cladding in the interior and the exterior of the car. Not only, having a look of a compact Suv, but it works in the same manner too.

Ford Freeestyle front
Ford Freeestyle Front Appeal

2. New Engine: The Freestyle comes equipped with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel unit remaining the most tried and tested 1.5 litre unit that can be found in the Figo, Aspire and the EcoSport which generates 100 PS of peak power and a 215 Nm of torque. Whereas, The petrol unit is an all new engine displacing 1.2 litres of engine capacity. This new three cylinder engine is continuously being touted to offer outstanding fuel efficiency and as far as performance figures go, the engine delivers 96 PS of peak power and 120 Nm of torque in comparison to the previously used engines.

New 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine

3. Floating infotainment system: The Ford Freestyle comes with SYNC® 3 technology which comes mated with a 16.51cm (6.5 inch) touchscreen which allows seamless integration of your smart phone with the car. You can now coherently listen to music, make calls or navigate on any route at your own free will. These infotainment systems are also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible.

Ford Freeestyle Interior
Premium Interior

4. Style: Featuring of a stunning bold-look, a commanding stance and dynamic design pattern, the Ford Freestyle exudes all of the confidence you might need on the road. Ford’s signature trapezoidal grille, in an aggressive all-black honeycomb design and the sweeping straight lines moving from front of the car to the rear gives the car a muscular, big and SUV-like looks. It ensures to leave a strong style statement wherever it goes.

Ford Freeestyle side view
Elegant Design

5. Safety:  The Freestyle boasts of having up to six air-bags (Variant Wise) in the car to safeguard the safety of you and your family. With this, Ford is also coming up with the brand new launch of their new active rollover protection system which harmoniously works with the electronic stability control of the car to automatically detect any potential rollover situations and then apply the brakes to every individual tire. This further result in decreasing the engine torque, and power in order to prevent the car from rolling over. Sounds Neat right!

6-Airbags for Enhanced Safety

In the end, I don’t see any reasons for why not to buy the all new Ford Freestyle which comes with all the basic amenities and standardized features as a stock fit. If you’re looking for a car with the most elegant design and outstanding performance, at the prices which won’t burden your pockets. Priced at Rs 5,56,000 lakhs, I’m sure this is the way to go for.

Bold Look

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