Ford Extended Warranty– Everything you should know?

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Having a car is a blissful experience for the owner, you feel satisfied, content and more importantly confident. Driving such a big machinery at your fingertips always feels wonderful till the time something goes wrong. In such cases, it can become a problem to identify the issue on road or pay hefty prices, for the parts which were damaged due to their own wear and tear. Here is when Ford Extended Warranty comes to the rescue to save your from those unseen costs, and maintenance to safeguard you from the unexpected expenses

Having an extended insurance gives you that assurance that if something goes wrong, you can claim it from the company without paying any prices. At times, there are certain parts in your car which are meant for a lifetime longevity but something can happen in between which hinders the life of that particular equipment and may cost a huge amount to fix the problem.

The extended insurance is added onto the 2 or 3 year warranty which is provided by the manufacturer as a stock, but in order to safeguard your car for an extended period of time, Ford extended insurance is bought. This saves you and your car for any unexpected encounters and even if there are any so, those can be fixed without paying a price. A number of things are covered under the extended scheme.

Which could be as follows:-

The Benefit:

The prior benefit of the plan is to have protection against unexpected and non-budgeted expenses for an extended time period. 

The Coverage is 100% transferable, which results in increasing the resale value of the Car.

What’s included:

If there is a Mechanical or an Electrical Failure for a Reason Other than usual Wear and Tear, Accidents or Misuse of the car or specific parts, The parts will be Replaced or Repaired at No Charge.

This will ensure your peace of mind for the coming years

What’s not included:

Scheduled maintenance. 

Normal Wear and Tear.

Damage due to Accidents (Covered under car insurance) or Misuse.

Who can buy and when:
Ford Vehicles are not to be used for Commercial Purposes(such as Taxies). The extended warranty must be purchased before the End of the Factory Warranty Period.

As a conclusion , Buying the extended insurance is always going to bring you multiple benefits than losses, and would even secure you from the un expected expenses that could put a burden on your pocket.  This is a situation of just eating the fruit, without counting the seeds. This will benefit you in the long term investment and would safeguard your car for a better future performance.

Hence Buying the Ford Extended Insurance will always be fruitful experience. Get yours here.

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