Covid-19: Car parked from a long time | Tips to maintain your car in Lockdown.

We know that COVID-19 has brought life to a standstill, with Lockdown and strict restrictions we are forced to stay home to be safe.

We have been doing everything we could to keep ourselves healthy and fit, but don’t forget about your Car.

Due to lock down many of us have not moved our vehicle for a very long time and this could be bad for your car, your parked car needs timely maintenance.


The inactivity for a long time could adversely affect various parts of your car like Battery, Engine, Tyres, fuel tank, electricals etc. It’s important to maintain our car also so that it’s ready to roll for the post lockdown regime.


We have bought you some tips to maintain your parked car during this COVID-19 Lockdown.

  • Car Parking Spot
  • Car Cleaning, before storing
  • Battery Issues
  • Tyres and the Flat spots
  • Brakes Issues
  • Fuel Tank Issues


Car Parking Spot.

During this hot summer, where temperature can go up to 49 to 50-degree celsius, which is very harmful to the car’s exterior and interior as well, the heat can give extensive damage to cars paint and can damage the leather and plastic interiors of the car. It is advisable to park your car in shades to protect it from the sun or put a body cover on which can protect the cars from the direct sunlight.


Clean your car in and out before storing.

A clean car has fewer chances to get rusting, bacteria, fungus and germs when parked for a long time. It is advisable, that if you are planning to park your car for a long time make sure to clean it In and OUT, interiors of the cars are more likely to capture fungi, bacteria if not maintained the leather interiors and plastic can give you a foul smell after a certain period. However, it’s equally important to get your car washed again post the parking period, to avoid any kind of germs and bacteria.

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Battery Issues.

The car’s battery is the most affected part due to inactivity. It is advisable to remove your car’s battery if you are planning to park it for a very long time and keep the battery safe in a cool dry place well away from the sunlight, or alternatively, you can turn the ignition and check the battery at least once a week to keep it running. Just keep turning on the car’s engine, keep it on for at least 15-20 minutes or to have a small drive of 4-5 km to keep your batteries and electricals up and running.

For Battery related issues, you can check our Battery replacement and maintenance services Here.


Tyres and the flat spots.

The worst damage you could get to your car during this period is on tyres. It is important to keep your car’s tyres inflated and maintain the recommended air pressure, as the long time of standstill of the car will deflate the tyres and can develop cracks under the constant pressure of your vehicle, if we leave it in the same positions for weeks. Along with this, the Tyres can develop flat spots, which can eventually de-shape the tyres and their structure. To avoid Tyre related issues, try to move your vehicle at least once a week, try to maintain the recommended tyre pressure or jack up the car so that the car doesn’t rest on the wheels.

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Brakes Issues.

The Disc brakes on the cars mainly front brakes can catch corrosion and rust due to standstill. The Disc brakes of the car are metal plates with no coating as such to prevent rusting and corrosion as the constant moving and braking of the car and friction keep it running and away from rust. To prevent this rusting use anti-rust sprays to clean your disc brakes or at least drive it for a few km once a week.

Along with that the hand brakes or the rear brakes can get jammed due to standing still for a very long period, it is advisable to ease off the hand brakes of your car when parked for a long time and use some stones or brake clippers to intact your car at the same place.


Fill up the Fuel Tank

The low level of fuel in the tank can cause corrosion and rust inside the fuel tank due to moisture. Due to the stillness, the fuel doesn’t come into the circulation and start deteriorating inside the fuel, it can be damaging to your entire fuel line, fuel injectors and the engine. It is advised to keep your tank fuel and add some fuel stabilizer to store it for a longer period.


After a long halt due to lockdown, It’s best to get your car checked by an expert for peaceful post lockdown journeys. 

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