5 Signs that Indicate that your Ford Car Needs a Tyre Replacement Service

Regular maintenance services are essential to maintain the durability and reliability of the Ford vehicle. Keeping every part of the car maintained is essential to enjoy safe and smooth driving. One of the major parts of the car is its tyres and keeping them well-maintained is a must. Ford tyres have an average lifespan of 40-50k miles and may need replacement after that. Tyres lose their resilience over time and suffer from wear and tear over time. 

Ford car tyre replacement service is an important measure that must be availed for optimal car performance. Get high-quality tyre replacement service from a Ford authorised service centre near you.  


5 Signs that your Ford Car Needs a Tyre Replacement Service

It is important to check the condition of car tyres on a regular basis. A Ford car tyre replacement is required in case of wear and tear, such as balding or uneven tread. Find below some signs implicate that your car tyres need to be replaced:   

  • Inspect Tread Depth 

Inspecting tread depth involves measuring the amount of tread remaining on a tyre. This is done by measuring the depth of the tread grooves on the tyre’s surface. The tyre manufacturer provides a minimum tread depth measure as a basis for replacement.

Generally, tyres should be replaced when the tread depth reaches around 1.6 mm. 

It is important to check the tread depth around the circumference of the tyre. If the tread depth on any of the tyres is below the manufacturer’s minimum recommendation, then the tyre should be replaced. Keep a check on the tread depth and avail Ford tyre replacement when necessary.


  • Check Tyre Grip 

Tyre grip is one of the most important indicators of when it is time to replace the tyres. Tyres should have adequate levels of tread depth to ensure a secure grip on the road. When the tread depth goes below a certain level, the tyre may not provide sufficient traction. 

The sidewalls should be free from any cracks or other signs of damage. Additionally, tyres should be checked for their air pressure, as well as the wheel alignment. It is important to ensure that all four tyres are balanced and that the pressure is appropriate for the vehicle. If the tyres are wearing down, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. 


  • Frequent Punctures 

Punctures can be caused by nails, screws, glass, sharp stones, or even metal shards on the road. Other causes can include road hazard damage from potholes, cracks in the roadway, or even excessive wear and tear on the tyres. 

When a puncture occurs, the tyre needs to be removed from the wheel and checked for the cause of the puncture. Depending on the severity of the puncture, the tyre may need to be replaced or patched. In case of severe damage, the tyre must be replaced for safe driving. 

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  • Cracks in the Tyre Sidewalls

Tyres with cracked sidewalls are not safe to use and need to be replaced as soon as possible. The cracks can be caused by a variety of factors, including extreme temperatures, usage of incorrect tyre pressure, etc. Extreme temperatures can cause the rubber of the tyre to expand and contract. It may cause permanent damage to the sidewall of the tyre. Severe impacts, such as hitting a pothole, can also cause cracking in tyre sidewalls. 

The sidewall is the weakest part of the tyre, so it is most likely to be damaged in a collision. Replacing tyres with cracked sidewalls is the only safe way to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.


  • Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of car tyres is around 5 years. After this point, the tyres develop cracks, blisters, etc. The number of miles driven is another indicator that it is time for Ford car tyre replacement. The average tyre lasts about 25,000 miles, but this can vary depending on driving conditions. 

If you are unsure when to replace your tyres, you should have them inspected at the Harpreet Ford service centre in Delhi. They can help you make an informed decision that will keep you safe on the roads.


 Ford Tyre Replacement Service at Harpreet Ford

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