I Tried Ford Eco Sport For A Week, And This Is What Happened

I was looking for a car for a long time that can suffice my necessities. And while doing so, I found out that it needs a lot of research to come up with a car that is compatible with my needs. So, after going through a lot of research, I grounded my decision to try on the latest Ford Eco sport.

Well, The experience of driving the all new Ford EcoSport had me mind struck with its top notch features and advancements. Therefore, I would love to discuss more about this car and want to convey what it has in its palate to offer.

Good cargo as well as functional storage space

This is one of the key reasons for which I bought this car. It consists of the features subcompact and small crossovers cars, which provides me with an excellent space to carry my goods while i travel. To be more precise, you can consider this to be a vehicle with more space than an average sedan car.

A Compact SUV but five people can sit comfortably

Well, with Ford Eco Sport on my side, I can effortlessly park it as well as maneuver over the tough city corners. Also, the car has multiple parking assist features which ensures a hassle free parking. In addition to the dash interior, the car looks incredibly premium than any of it’s competitors.

Ford ECosport

The Exterior Of This Car Is Also Classy

The exterior of my car is modern as well as classy. Its stylish design grabbed my attention when I was searching for cars. Well, I would like to call it rugged and elegant, at the same time. So, from the perception of style this car has not disappointed me as well. Now, I am considering this car to be an excellent decision of my life.

Ecosport cabin

The interior is also lovely and feature loaded

I have observed that the interior of the car is simple, but still, it has a touch of sophistication. It has all the things that I need, but still, it doesn’t look busy. The material that is used to craft the interior of the car is good but nothing special to discuss about it.

So, these are the things that I have found amusing about this car.

Some of the pros and cons of the car that I have acknowledged


1.5 litres of the engine allows me to explore the city with ease.

Best in segment handling.

The design of the car is attractive. It looks an SUV but doesn’t look gigantic on the road.

The 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol is efficient as well as powerful.

All the variables of this car are well equipped.


The cabin is a bit narrow.

The stiff suspension affects a bit on the quality of riding.

Unlike other cars, it doesn’t have the option of diesel-automatic.

So, overall these were the things that I have to say about my car after I have used it for one week. My experience with ecosport was just amazing and had the most fun which i wasnt even prepared for. The conclusion is that if anyone is willing to buy this car, its a go ahead as this is the most premium Sub-Compact SUV you can get in this segment. Here is another blog why you should by a Ford Ecosport

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