Top 10 Factors you should know about your Ford Car Service

After taking the car, your responsibility for the car increases. It should be a priority that the car be well maintained and for this, it is necessary to get the Ford car service on time. The life of the ford car increases as the car is in-service time. If you are doing service, then you should know about these 10 factors.

1. Engine oil-

Engine oil should be checked from time to time.  If the engine oil is low then it should be completed and if your car is giving more smoke while running or assuming engine pressure while running then it is time to change engine oil.

Engine Oil

2. Battery checkup-

If your car is starting late or there is a battery warning light show, then you should check the battery at the time of service.


3. Coolant-

If your car’s air conditioner is working less or the engine is overheating, then you should get a coolant checked on the service.


4. Filters-

Everything must be clean and pure for the engine. If the air and oil are not going clean till the engine, then the engine will run under pressure and will not give mileage, that is why we should clean the filter on service and change it when needed.


5. Brake pads-

If you are applying car breaks and you are getting any sound from the breaks then you need to get the brake pads checked.  So we need to check the brake pads on the service and replace them when needed.


6. Clutch-

A Clutch is a mechanical device. They transfer the power of the engine to the wheels which makes the car run well.  If you feel that the engine is not reaching the full power wheels while running the car, then you should check the clutch while doing the service.

car clutch

7. Wheel alignment and balancing-

Wheel alignment means adjusting the suspension of the car.  Car out of alignment occurs when the car hits something at high speed or bounces off the pit. Wheel balancing means that the car runs smooth, safe, and stable.  In-wheel balancing, the weight of the car should be divided equally into 4 tires and be stable.  Wheel balancing improves road and tire connections.  We must do wheel alignment and balance on service.

wheel alignment

8. Tires care-

You should check the air pressure in the tires from time to time and keep the pressure full.  The tires carry the weight of the entire car and the weight is different on the front tires and rear tires, so we should get the tires rotated on service.  Doing so increases the life of tires.


9. Interior-

Whenever service is done, the interior of the car should be cleaned properly so that you will get a good experience while driving the Ford car. Car interior cleaning consists of dashboard cleaning, seat cleaning, and carpet cleaning, etc.


10. Exterior-

You should take care of the interior and parts of the car as well as the exterior.  Car exterior cleaning consists of surface refinement, UV protection, car pants protection, logo cleaning, and alloy cleaning, etc. Keeping the exterior clean, the ford car will always look like new.

You should keep these 10 factors of service in mind and get the ford car serviced on time so that the car will always run well and be like new. Being on service time increases the lives of the Ford car.

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