Ford Eco sport Review- Is It worth Buying? Test Drive, Features & Details

If you are an automobile enthusiast then Ford is no stranger for you as this company is making strides in the field of the automobile with its amazing vehicles. Ford Eco sport is among those finest vehicles manufactured by the company and today we will take a look inside Ford Eco sport so that all of your doubts and uncertainties regarding this vehicle will be cleared.

Starting off with its exterior Eco sport has aesthetically pleasing panels made of hard and tough alloy. In the front, there is a back grille, big enough to allow sufficient air to enter for the operation. There is also the inclusion of smart entry with a capacitive touch which would open doors for you just by a simple touch. Some fancy wheels are also mounted on the vehicle with smoke alloy for effective braking and elimination of slippage. HID headlamps are also provisioned which provide relatively brighter light compared with LED lamps.

Inside the cabin of the vehicle, you will find a touchscreen 20.32cm display that lets you access different multimedia features like music system, CD/DVD player, speakers, radio of the vehicle. While you are driving with constant speed for a longer period of time, there is a cruising control system which will adjust the speed limit and simultaneously improve the fuel economy of the engine. There is a good amount of space for stretching your legs in front as well as backside supported with comfy seats. Top class air conditioner and heater are also part of its interior.

Winning award of International Engine of the year since 2013, 1.01 Petrol Eco Boost engine is provided for powering Ford Ecosport. With 92kW rated power and 170Nm torque, it supplies an ample amount of power to your vehicle so that you can drive it for a much longer period of time without any hassle. With the exhaust emissions within control rate as proposed by Bharat Stage norms, there will be no stoppage in your journey.

Combination of disc and drum brakes is employed for the vehicle along with McPherson suspension for smooth running and absorbing bumps from the road while travelling. An advanced ABS system with brake assist is also an exclusive feature of this vehicle which reduces chances of slipping to a great extent and makes breaking more effective. So are you still wondering whether you should buy this vehicle or not? If so you can always book a test drive by visiting your nearest Ford showroom.

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