Celebrate New Year with Your Ford Car: Road Trip

India offers a lot of places that are perfect to plan a road trip and celebrate your New Year Eve. New Year’s Eve is the first memory of the year. So, it has to be the best and memorable. Different people find different ways to make that happen. This new year, try something different – something more comfortable, something more memorable, something lovelier and something more beautiful. How about a road trip?

You must have thought or plan one of, with your friends and family, if you love long drives and road trips. But even if you don’t, plan a road trip that’s going to be too wonderful. Read On.



The very first name in the list of best places to celebrate the New Year is Goa. What more can you ask for if you get to drive to a place with exotic beaches, cool breeze and beautiful sights? Here, the driving experience hikes to another level and is simply indescribable in words. Also, cheap Drinks, night long parties and live music accompany your celebration here.



Popularly known for working hard, Bangalore also parties harder on New Year’s Eve. If you’re taking a road trip with your friends, there can be no better place than Bangalore to make hard memories. The moderate climate enhances the driving experience and you just can’t resist what the city has to offer.

Manali to Leh Highway


You just can’t capture the beauty of Manali to Leh road trip in words. Wasn’t it mesmerizing watching the beautiful scenes of this Road as a background? You must be wanting to experience that snowy glory through a car. That’s exactly what we want you to do this New Year’s Eve.


What more would you need to enhance your road trip? A perfect partner, right? But you already have that someone special, or friends, or family with you.

Here, we’re talking about the car that you’ll be taking your ride on. The car has to be a perfect one because you definitely don’t want to search for a garage to get your car serviced during your trip.

According to our experience and research, we would suggest you to choose Ford cars as your partner for the trip. You want a car that is big enough to occupy all the members while providing utmost level of comfort and safety. You can find such car nowhere but in the Ford showroom near you. The beauty of the car, inside and outside, go well with the nature and make a picture perfect background. Also, Ford cars have eco-friendly features that avoid hampering the beauty of the place with pollution and other factors. Ford cars are the best option for your road trip. So, plan as soon as possible and be prepared to make your new year the best of all times!

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